Artificial Intelligence against the Future challenges of Power & Utilities July 21, 2021 • 14:00 CET
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AI facilitating the integration of renewable energy in the power grid

14:00 CET

Renewable energy growth is one major challenge for power & utility companies, increasing complexity and jeopardizing balance and stability. In order to ensure resilience of the grid, artificial intelligence has been successully implemented in a peer company.

Preventive management of power outages: Lessons from Texas blackout

15:00 CET

Among the climate change repercussions is the irreversible increase in the frequency of natural disasters. Learn how to mitigate the potential negative effects of emergencies that could result in power outages from peer companies who have been using AI to prevent blackouts.

Rethinking customer experience with AI

16:00 CET

Customer satisfaction is becoming one of the imperative success factors for utilities. More companies are looking up to the ways to personalize the approach with their consumers and bridge the distance. Learn about a successful case study of AI-enabled CX upgrade.

Microgrids enabling a decarbonized future

17:00 CET

Learn how a peer company penetrated the microgrid market to balance grids, demands, facilitate the host of new products and services, and drive innovation.

Leveraging demand and supply in a decentralized grid

18:00 CET

The widespread adoption of EVs, intelligent energy devices and variable renewable sources require paying closer attention to the grid stability. Learn how a peer company uses cloud services and AI with an outlook to the incremental upcoming power demand increase.

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