Scaling and accelerating intelligent automation in Power & Utilities March 10, 2022
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Panel Discussion

Through advanced technology to future-proof energy and utility companies: governing a sea of change

Only 15 % of energy and utilities organizations have been able to deploy technology use cases at scale, according to a recent Capgemini Research Institute report. Nevertheless, the industry is moving away from a conservative past to a future where innovation is key, enabling multiple efficiency boosts, ensuring competitiveness, and increasing customer satisfaction. More and more leaders are searching for ways to integrate advanced technology. However, in order to embrace an inevitable, deep transformation, energy and utility companies need to consider a holistic approach, switching to new operating and business models to further proceed with proven solutions that are considered the best fit in each specific case.

Most energy and utility companies face uncertainty without the necessary knowledge and projections. When piloting technology solutions, it is critical to choose a suitable use case and determine the long-term ROI on the R&D investments. Executives will need to ensure that the workforce is advancing in line with technology, that the research culture is home-nurtured, that cybersecurity strengthens consistently, and that the upcoming avalanche of data can be monetized efficiently.

Our panelists will share their experiences on effectively governing scaled intelligent automation initiatives and partake in a Q&A session.

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