Solutions to Sustainability: ESG Reporting and Assisting Technologies April 14, 2022

Effectively treating environmental, social, and governance issues is becoming a strategic imperative both for large and public organizations, and for the middle-business companies. The ESG mandate is, however, quite challenging to embrace, since the business requirements are only gaining momentum now.

Companies globally are increasingly reporting on the environmental, social, and governance impacts of their operations and supply chains. Some business leaders sit at the forefront of ESG activism and disclosure, while others are facing tough questions from stakeholders about how they are proactively addressing ESG to avoid financial material impacts and controversies. It is no surprise then that investors, from large institutional investors to individual retail investors, are also paying keen attention to ESG to better understand their exposure, as well as capture undervalued market opportunities.

Learn at this event how the rapidly advancing ESG technologies can facilitate your path towards a more sustainable and accountable business and help attract investment funding.

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Establishing a Global Standard for ESG Reporting: Is a Common Ground Possible?

Apr, 14 2:00 PM CET
  • Applying an ESG lens to investments and M&A

  • Retargeting sustainability reporting to an investor-friendly format for higher-quality data

  • Defining and tackling material ESG issues with the help of middle management

  • Finding a common ground between industries with different levels of sustainability and CO2 emissions on ESG reporting

ESG benchmarking for competitive advantage in material issues

Apr, 14 3:00 PM CET

The impact of various ESG aspects on both a company’s financial performance and on society may differ greatly. Having knowledge on ESG issues helps companies stand out among competitors as more attractive for investing and ethical consumerism.

How to make your ESG reporting stand out in the crowd.

Focus on resources: cost-reduction opportunities

Apr, 14 3:30 PM CET

Tracking, targeting, and optimizing energy usage across company’s facilities, increasing usage visibility of electricity, water, and waste production, and monitoring information in real time can help companies reduce Scope 2 emissions, disclose higher-level data to investors, and cut costs.

How to make the benefit of a more equitable approach to resources.

Monitored and reported CSR & DEI

Apr, 14 4:00 PM CET

Corporate Social Responsibility is a sustainability aspect one cannot underestimate. The solutions to integrate data from diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, managing the impact from corporate change programs, can help you bring social impact storytelling to the world of numbers and actionable data.

How to communicate social impact to investors.

Executive compensation linked to sustainability metrics: a way forward?

Apr, 14 4:30 PM CET

A new set of criteria is being introduced to pay business executives connected with ESG. An increasing array of evidence is proving that sustainability performance is directly linked to financial outcomes of a company. However, among the companies that already have these practices in place, targets and approaches differ.

Which way to compensate executives corresponds to your sustainability strategy most?

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