Future Energy Investment Strategies: Refuelling with Renewables June 23, 20222

Eighty-nine percent of energy CFOs with revenues ranging from $250 million to $3 billion planned to finance new renewable projects in 2021. Sixty percent of respondents expected renewables to comprise at least 5 % of their business in 2021. Driven by growing corporate commitments, declining prices, and supportive policies, wind and solar capacities continue to increase.

The transition to alternative energy will impact all industries, but for energy organizations, it requires rethinking their entire business model. The role of CFOs and Strategy and Investment Officers in energy companies are shifting, becoming increasingly more responsible for making corporate finance and investments a real driver of social growth. Investment in renewable energy is one of the key actions that financial executives are exploring in order to decrease their environmental impact and stay afloat amid the clean energy transition.

Learn at this event how investment in renewable energy can be leveraged to achieve maximum financial and sustainability impact.

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Prospects and Challenges of Clean Energy Investments by Energy & Utilities

Jun, 23 2:00 PM CET
  • Leveraging the financial viability of expanding into renewable energy assets and clean technologies

  • Allocating additional capital to stretch your company’s financial resources

  • Optimizing your business relationships with partners from other industries to ensure a smooth transition

  • Defining the suitable risk strategy of potential renewable energy investments

From hydrocarbon to integrated energy: prospects from the Oil & Gas industry

Jun, 23 3:00 PM CET

Oil & gas companies worldwide are discovering acquisitions in renewable energy with different levels of interest. While some organizations declared that their focus will not shift, others are moving the needle on transitioning to integrated energy.

Learn about the implications of acquiring renewable energy assets on the financial strategy of hydrocarbon companies.

Cleantech ventures: impacting earth-saving initiatives

Jun, 23 3:30 PM CET

Cheap and reliable clean energy is crucial to the world. Invest in technological ventures that help your company position itself as a sustainable thought leader.

Learn how to secure high financial results from capital streams in the most promising ventures of tomorrow.

Fiscal outlook: renewable energy incentives vs hydrocarbon deterrents

Jun, 23 4:00 PM CET

Harsher state regulations of hydrocarbon assets are inevitable should the ambitious global decarbonization targets be met. Meanwhile, renewable energy is expected to be fiscally supported by the government.

Learn how government deductions can positively impact your clean energy investment plan.

Market outlook: best renewable energy expansion strategies

Jun, 23 4:30 PM CET

Is it too early or too late to invest in renewable energy? Different companies present different views.

Join this presentation with a market analyst who sheds light on market insights of the renewable energy segment.

Achieving maximum ESG impact from renewable market entry

Jun, 23 5:00 PM CET

Sustainability reporting that is focused on society and other stakeholders brings ambiguous value to investors who are key drivers in making clean energy investments happen. The ESG reports of energy companies that have already adopted renewables, as well as companies still considering the expansion, should be updated.

Learn how a transformation of your ESG reporting strategy can help attract investor capital.

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