Future Energy Investment Strategies: Refuelling with Renewables June 23, 20222
Panel Discussion

Prospects and Challenges of Clean Energy Investments by Energy & Utilities

Eighty-nine percent of energy CFOs with revenues ranging from $250 million to $3 billion planned to finance new renewable projects in 2021. Sixty percent of respondents expected renewables to comprise at least 5 % of their business in 2021. Driven by growing corporate commitments, declining prices, and supportive policies, wind and solar capacities continue to increase.

The transition to alternative energy will impact all industries, but for energy organizations, it requires rethinking their entire business model. The role of CFOs and Strategy and Investment Officers in energy companies are shifting, becoming increasingly more responsible for making corporate finance and investments a real driver of social growth. Investment in renewable energy is one of the key actions that financial executives are exploring in order to decrease their environmental impact and stay afloat amid the clean energy transition.

Learn about the prospects of renewable energy investment from the CFOs and Strategy and Investment Officers of the leading sustainable energy companies.

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