Corporate Net-Zero: Decarbonizing value chains October 7, 2021 • 14:00 CET
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Panel Discussion

Net-Zero Supply Chain: Industry Leadership beyond Profit

Dorethe Nielsen Vice President of Corporate Environmental Strategy at Novo Nordisk
Maurice Loosschilder Head of Sustainability at Signify
Virginia Covo Global Director, Climate Action at AB InBev
Steffen Schwartz-Höfler Head of Group Sustainability at Continental AG
Stuart Broadley CEO at Energy Industries Council

The role of the corporate sector in moving the needle on the global decarbonization efforts cannot be stressed enough. Governments, investors, clients, and customers are requiring companies to become less harmful to the environment. The stakes are high for businesses to meet ambitious decarbonization goals. According to Deloitte Global’s report, climate-related events are affecting more than 1 in 4 organizations worldwide.

However, aside from eliminating Scope 1 (direct GHG emissions by company-owned resources) and Scope 2 (emissions released by the generation of purchased energy), the challenge remains as to how to minimize the carbon footprint produced by the wide range of suppliers and the supply chain itself. For many companies, Scope 3 emissions account for a staggering 80% of their overall climate impact.

Unsurprisingly, it takes a transparent climate reporting culture, a full understanding of the issue, and a clear vision of leadership to press the levers on supply-chain-decarbonization. Nonetheless, there is lagged and insufficient action across many large corporations. This panel will discuss and explore how the leaders in Scope 3 decarbonization are taking initiative to efficiently engage with suppliers, conclude meaningful partnerships, and try new approaches to fully unlock a climate-neutral organizational structure and facilitate a slower temperature rise worldwide.

Topic: Net-Zero Supply Chain: Industry Leadership beyond Profit

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