Low-Methane Oil & Gas: The Next Step on Path to Sustainability February 3, 2022
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Panel Discussion

Methane emissions reduction and beyond — on path to sustainable hydrocarbons

The rush to bump up ESG metrics is an ongoing trend across the Oil & Gas industry. The environmental impact of all scopes of hydrocarbon production needs to be reduced substantially by 2050 if the global effort to limit temperature rise is to be met. Many companies are relying on reducing their methane emissions as a first major step in becoming more sustainable. These projects are among the most cost-effective and impactful on the path to achieving climate goals and improving the overall operational performance.

An increasing number of companies are hunting for tools and initiatives to reduce methane leaks, investing in new-generation equipment, reducing GHG emittance across the value chain, and solving the issue of venting and flaring. However, across the North American market, there are still many companies lagging with the deployment of GHG-emission reduction strategies, and it may remain unclear for Oil & Gas companies what sector to move forward with.

Join this panel discussion to find out how successful the industry leaders have been with the methane reduction projects, which next steps and projects they are considering, and what the solution outlook is for the near future.

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