Artificial Intelligence against the Future challenges of Power & Utilities (AIPU) September 9, 2021 • 14:00 CET
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Leroy T NyanganiLeroy T Nyangani

Team Lead and a Co-founder at NeedEnergy

Leroy T. Nyangani is the Team Lead and a Co-founder at NeedEnergy. His academic background is in Chemical Engineering and Passionate about the increase in Clean Energy Access for the over 600 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa without access to power.

He is motivated by the type 1 civilization outlook on humanity and the use of big data intelligence in Renewable Energy. He has led NeedEnergy in developing novel data analytics tools like the energy benchmarking tool in Africa, energy demand & energy generation forecast models, and day-ahead price prediction in the Southern African Power Pool. The goal for Leroy and NeedEnergy is to build Africa's first Virtual power plants and grids for renewables.

Takes part in

Sep, 9 4:00 PM CET

Increasing Clean Energy Access through AI

Leroy will present a case study on how NeedEnergy has used

  • Weather variables in training its models to predict and forecast energy generation for microgrids in remote areas.
  • Load Demand to train its Solar PV sizing tools, which bring insights and advice to utilities to respond to this demand with a combination of Solar PV and Battery Storage.
  • Power trading data and volumes to predict day-ahead prices that will encourage energy developers to trade in these platforms especially in developing regions.
  • Has been able to go beyond typical kWh/m² benchmarks and provide two linear models that can estimate residential electricity demand given a household’s monthly income and access to water.
Leroy T Nyangani Team Lead and a Co-founder at NeedEnergy